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Qigong Practice
Qigong or Chi Kung both pronounced 'Che Gung' is hundreds of years old and has its roots in Tai Chi. There are hundreds of different styles of this ancient Chinese exercise in use around the world. Each day millions of people of all ages practice qigong openly in parks and open spaces as well as on balconies, in gardens and homes right  across the world. Michael has practiced qigong since 1987 and is a qualified qigong Teacher who practices several styles of qigong including, Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi, Standing Like a Tree, Fragrant Qigong , Five Tibetans and several internal techniques such as the healing smile and the microcosmic orbit or small circulation.

Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi
Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi is a set of Qigong exercises which utilises 18 beautiful flowing exercises based on the philosophySee the source image of Tai Chi and combining some of the best movements from the Yang style Tai Chi Chuan. The Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi Series was created by Professor Lin Hou Sheng (see opposite) from China in 1979.   Professor Lin's best selling book, Qi Gong is the Answer to Health, was first published in 1985. Although relatively new it utilises exercises that go back centuries, and combines the slow deliberate movements with deep abdominal breathing and intent to produce a list of benefits which would put some of the best therapies to shame. It is even classed as an aerobic exercise which means it will benefit your heart and lungs. These exercises can be practiced by students of all abilities and age, and can even be done sitting down, such is the flexibility of this qigong.
Students can begin at their own pace and level of ability and steadily build up their skills to improve each technique to maximise the benefits. Each exercise has specific unique benefits which when carried out as a form have a culminating effect of benefits which feels great, and is a sheer joy to do. Michael teaches a class at Cramlington every Thursday 8 to 7pm where beginners are always welcome. Here are some of the many benefits
Shibashi used daily can help Improve conditions related to the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, stomach, spleen,, bowels in fact all our organs and glands. It helps with high blood pressure, it boosts our immune system, and energy system. as well as the Nervous system, It can even help with joint problems and pain as well as working to calm the mind and help with tension, anxieties, stress, headaches, insomnia, and fatigue,. It will also help with boosting stamina, the immune system, as well as increasing our spiritual energy. Please go to the bottom of this a page to see a list of videos relating to this and other Qigongs.

To find out more Click Here to go to Chinese Health Qigong


Every Thursday 6 to 7pm. First class is Free then £4 per class
Cramlington Qigong at the Salvation Army, Chirnside, Collingwood Grange, Cramlington Northumberland. NE23 6LQ

Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi is designed to improve the general health and wellbeing of the practitioner. The gentle rocking motions and stretching movements improve circulation and digestion. The chest exercises and controlled breathing are good for lung conditions and asthma. And

Fragrant Qigong
Master Tian RuishengAromatic or Fragrant Qigong (Xiang Gong), began to be taught openly in China in 1988 after being kept secret for hundreds of years. This Buddhist form of qigong is over Two thousand years old has a number of unique features making it very different from other qigongs. One feature is that it can not be used with any other qigong practice, also it does not require the use of abdominal breathing or any other special breathing techniques nor does it need any specific type of focus or concentration, in fact the entire form can be completed in less than 20 minutes whilst watching TV or talking to friends and family. It is called fragrances or aromatic qigong because of the smell, usually of flowers that appear from nowhere as the form is practiced, and the larger the group the stronger the smell, and even for those who simply watch it being performed.
is one of the easiest and enjoyable qigongs to learn and practice, and like Shibashi can be performed sitting down if required, and even using one arm in stead of two making it ideal for anyone who has suffered a stroke, and yet if practiced on a daily basis offers incredible healing effects, Within just two years of it being publicly displayed by Master Tian Rushing(pictured above) it quickly spread all over China to become the biggest style of Qigong ever taught by anyone, despite the fact that it had never been advertised. 
Today Fragrant Qigong is practiced by millions throughout China, and the world It is claimed that the form brings enormous therapeutic results, even more than Shibashi especially with asthma, diabetes, stroke, deafness, arthritis, skin diseases, circulatory problems, obesity, hormonal imbalances, digestive problems, kidney and gall stones and is very good for reducing stress. There are even many cases of deafness who regained their hearing through practicing Fragrant Qigong, it can even increase our psychic abilities and as such is very spiritual in its nature to re-connect us to the creator. The list of benefits is so long that they normally mention what it does not cover rather than what it does cover (because it is much shorter). Today this unassuming qigong is practiced by millions of people in China and is quickly spreading around the world.
To find out more about this fascinating Qigong Click Here to go to Chinese Health Qigong
Michael has a Fragrant class at Ashington, Northumberland on the first Friday of each month  12 - 1pm at the Stroke Association. If you would like to try this qigong you would need to join the Ashington Stroke Club first as it is open to members only. Alternatively Michael is able to teach you this style in Blyth from 1 to 3 students on a weekly basis for £5 each. Please contact Michael to find out more and discuss and agree times and dates.

Other Qigongs
Michael has classes for the above two Qigongs, but also practices other styles including Standing Like aTree, and the Five Tibetans which is sometimes referred to as a style of Yoga. In addition Michael also incorporates these and many of the internal exercises into his Shibashi class. These include the Healing smile, the small circulation, Energy Recharge, Healing Hands, Energy Shower, Focusing on your Body Energy Centre, and Knocking at the Door of Life.

Hand Reflexology
If your a trained and qualified Aromatherapist, Body massage therapist, Indian Head massage therapist or Reflexologist this short CPD course could be for you. Also for those who have no no formal therapy qualifications where you can learn Hand Reflexology and use it in an amateur capacity on friends, family and yourself.
Hand Reflexology is as old as its more popular cousin Foot Reflexology. Once you have mastered the uniqueness of the hands its quite easy to learn and practice. The course is a full day (8 hours) covering a little theory but mostly its a practical hands on workshop. Michael can take a maximum of Two students, and dates can be booked either on Fridays or Saturdays with an option to split it over 3 evenings. Corsets are in Blyth and students will receive either a CPD certificate (existing Therapists)  or a certificate of Achievement and Attendance.
Cost is £90 which includes refreshments and certificates. Students will need to bring a pack lunch

Indian Head Massage
Indian Head Massage is one of the most popular of therapies with clients. See our article about it on the Therapy page. These are CPD courses for existing Therapists who hold qualifications and Insurance cover. It is a practitioner course and as you would expect their will be client sessions to complete at home. There is an initial 2 day workshop where the emphasis is on the practical application, but with theory blended in, Michael will arrange actual clients for you to work on and, once you have been assessed you will have 25 client sessions to complete at home, and document before coming back for a final assessment. This is a flexible course which can be completed in under 3 months but there is a 6 month time limit to complete. We will cover giving an Indian Head massage on an upright chair, covering the head, neck, shoulders, and upper back, using oils. Treatment times will be aimed at 30 minutes and 45 minutes.
Included in with the course fees are;  Course Handouts, a range of clients at our home, Text book, Consultation Forms, Tuition Fees  Marking Fees, Assessment Fees, Certificates, and light refreshments. 
What is not included. Pack Lunch, Home clients which you will need to find.
Courses Fees £220   Payment Options available on this course. 

Reiki Training
Level One Reiki (Beginner)
Who can learn Reiki? Anyone can learn Reiki, and that includes you. No knowledge or practice of other therapies or anatomy and physiology is necessary. Reiki healers come from all backgrounds, previous students have included car salesmen, power station workers, insurance agents, taxi drivers, teachers, civil servants, therapists, counsellors and shop assistants to name but a few. Formal qualifications are not required, but sensible, caring individuals with a measure of common sense, who are open-minded and have a genuine desire to help other people, namely friends family, and pets will be ideal candidates to become Reiki therapists..
Reiki is a universal healing energy that is also compassionate, and loving, and intuitive as well, it knows exactly where to go to and what is needed. Its free for all humans once attuned to use in the pursuit of helping  fellow humans to ease their stress, negativities and anxieties, pain and suffering, lift their moods, and bring love, calm and more happiness into their lives, and better able to cope with life's ups and downs. And did I say in the process of using it on others it first goes through the Reiki healer doing the same for them.
Once you enrol onto the course and pay your deposit we will post you a home study pack together with exercises to complete. You will have a chance to go through your study pack for a few weeks before the course begins, and this will give you a good grounding in the theoretical aspects of Reiki. Imparting this amount of information on a one day course   is not a very effective teaching strategy. In contrast by sending  you the 'theoretical knowledge’ of Reiki before you arrive onto your course is a much more effective way of learning, and at the same time freeing up more time for your attunement and  practice, and ultimately keeping the course costs to a minimum.
The study pack consists of a comprehensive manual, activity sheets  and  instructions. Your pre-course reading will focus you on these key areas:, What Reiki is and where it comes from, the History, Background and development. The attunement, and the first symbol. The Reiki ‘precepts’, mindfulness, and intent, and how that fits in with the healing. How to benefit from daily energy exercises and self-treatments. The first symbol the Chukaray is given during your attunement and this is discussed. The hand positions and the chakras.How to use affirmations. What are contraindications. Gathering information prior to a treatment. How to use Reiki on friends and family including children and pets. When you arrive for the one day workshop we will spend a short time reviewing what you have already learned, and asking / taking questions before devoting the remainder of the day to your attunement and the practical work. 
Reiki is presented in the West primarily as a healing system, with secondary benefits that's its a spiritual development tool. While in many Eastern countries it is the reverse, with students drawn more to the spiritual aspect first and foremost, with the added benefit of it being a healing system. In reality they are both inseparable, and each complements the other. In the practical workshop we will seek to explore, consolidate, and reconcile the two aspects of healing and spiritual development into a workable coherent modality.
After your attunement we will be practicing both Raju. and healing. Most students find it reassuring to have basic hand positions to follow, and it makes it easier to learn the chakra positions. As you progress you will be encouraged to use your intuition and modify the routine or 'go within the flow' and this will become stronger over time. It has to be said that some students prefer a structured routine and will stick with the hand positions for many years, and this is perfectly acceptable should you wish to do this.
You will have ample time to practice these techniques on each other, and we will guide you throughout and give valuable feedback on what you have done and noticed. In fact during the day you will pair up with another student, or have another therapist to work with to give a full Reiki treatment and receive a full Reiki treatment yourself, and you will discover what an amazing experience giving and receiving Reiki can be! When you have finished, we will review what you have felt and noticed, and what your ‘client’ has experienced!You will then swap over, and receive a full Reiki treatment from your partner.
On the successful completion of your course you will be awarded the Fothergill Therapy Academy Reiki Level One Certificate, signed by Michael Fothergill. This certificate confirms that you have received instruction and Reiju empowerments and have satisfied the requirements of the “First Degree” of Reiki.
Course Fees for the Reiki First Degree costs £90 with an initial deposit of £50 paid in advance, and £ to be paid on the day of your course.
If you are interested in the Reiki One Course Please click on my Facebook link below where details of all my courses will be found.
Level Two Reiki
The Practitioner Level
Who can learn Second Degree Reiki? Anyone who has taken their First Degree, and we recommend that you leave at least three months, between your First and Second Degree courses. This gives you a chance to settle in to the routine of healing and building your skills, knowledge and confidence. But most students will instinctively know when the time is right to progress further. And if you’re coming from a different lineage, that’s no problem, but you will need your Level One course first plus your certificate, especially to obtain insurance cover. From your level one course you will have learned the importance of using the Reiki and meditation on yourself on a regular basis. You will also have been practicing on all meaner of friends and family, even pets perhaps, and as a result you will have experienced that sense of peace, contentment and serenity that Reiki brings you, and even perhaps, experiencing a spiritual awakening. The level Two builds on this even further, by giving you two more symbols to help you with your meditations to deepen your self-healing, and  focusing on energies that will bring powerful physical and emotional balance into your life. 
We will build further on the foundations that you have established on the use of intuition and intention. An important part of the Second Degree is to move beyond the standard hand positions when you treat people, and to embrace intuitive working, or 'going with the flow' where the energy will guide you in terms of hand positions, how long to leave them in position, and in using your symbols. And while throwing away the book so to speak might seem daunting,  you will discover t’s actually a lovely way to work. You will learn all about distant healing where you’ll learn to send Reiki long-distances in a variety of ways, with multiple people at the same time. Distant healing is a very humbling and fulfilling practice, and there is many ways this can be achieved and on the course we will look at several methods you can use.

deeply to the person, or people, that you share Reiki with.

This is the Practitioner level where students get to work on actual paying clients. The treatment is very similar to what you will have been practicing already, but with two additional symbols you will have more scope and tools available to you. There is another attunement with two more symbols to learn about. You will learn all about completing consultation forms and keeping clients records. Agreeing a treatment with your client, and giving them advice at the conclusion of their treatment.  We will also take a brief but important look at risk assessments .
The format of the course is the same as the first degree in that we will send you a home study pack which includes a study guide, the Level 2 course manual, an activity booklet for you to complete prior to the workshop, and several specific handouts with links to various videos. There will also be more information on the workshop and what you will be doing on that day. As always there will be no more than 6 students on any one course, but in some cases we will run a course with just 2 students. With this being a practitioner level there will also be a number of client sessions for you to do at home. There will be ample time for you to give Reiki treatments
There is several positive reasons for doing this, first it is designed to benefit you directly, even if the thoughts of it takes you out of your comfort zone. But be assured you will be ready for it. We will have discussed at your level one the importance of self healing after an attunement or awakening. Some students may feel they don't need to self heal a second time  and if they don't start seeing clients for a while there energy can be all over the place manifesting itself in an emotional rollercoaster and mental activity disrupted also. By having to work on clients straight after your workshop you will be 'reikied' also, thus getting that all important self healing indirectly. It is vital that you have Reiki  to help your body and energy adjust to the higher vibrational rate you will be at.
Therefore by having to work on friends, family and clients this will help ensure that you will remain in balance. Second it can be daunting to work on clients initially for some students and the fact that you need to complete 20 client sessions before you can qualify is a good incentive, but also it will boost your confidence and ability and if selected carefully many of those initial clients will stay with you helping to build your clientele. And finally it demonstrates not just to yourself but also to your tutor, clients, insurance companies and professional associations that you have been adequately trained and
are both competent and capable of running a professional practice safely and effectively on clients.
Your Reiki Second Degree training course is equivalent to two day’s training. You'll  spend eight hours working through your study pack, manual and activity booklet. All of this can all be done in the comfort of your own home in your favourite chair, and at your own pace, in your own time. You then attend your one day course at our venue. During this part of your training which for most students becomes the most memorable and enjoyable part of all, and it certainly  was for me also. This approach provides you with a complete training in Reiki at Second Degree,giving a chance for all the information to sink in and helping you to realise any questions that you might have. You then arrive on the course well-prepared and already knowing a great deal about Reiki. We spend the live part of your course working with energy and putting what you have learned into practice.

On Going Support
There comes a time when we all can benefit from clarification on a certain subject and this applies to learning any new skill, and while Reiki is easy to learn that doesn't mean everyone will grasp its many fascinating facets  immediately. Students can draw comfort in the knowledge that help and support is always available, even when your course finishes. In addition to on going support by phone or email we have other support mechanisms in place also. A few years ago we ran a successful Reiki Share for our students, graduates  and the immediate Reiki community until the venue closed its doors.
We now have an alternative venue and will be up and running from March 2020 on a once per month basis for any one who is Reiki trained regardless of the level you are at, or who you trained with. I will be there as will other new and seasoned practitioners who will be happy to coach, work and support anyone who is looking to progress, or just needs some valuable feedback on their techniques, or just want an evening out with healing friends.
These informal sessions are invaluable for us healers. Here you can give and receive a full Reiki treatment on a variety of people, and you can try out different techniques or hone your existing skills to perfection, as well as receiving a relaxing healing session yourself. No charges are exchanged at the share, its all given freely. We also do a distance Reiki session for anyone who is in need of healing. The share concludes with a deeply relaxing gong bath. These also serve as a social gathering of like minded people. What ever the reason for attending you'll always find a warm welcome and an enjoyable evening. These will be in Cramlington and the cost is £5 to cover hall costs,
Cramlington Reiki Shares start March 2020 £5 per session. Dates and times to be confirmed

Level Two Reiki
Course Fees;  £150 With an Initial Deposit of £50 and the balance of £100 to pay on the day of the course. Please click on my Facebook Link below to find full details of the course dates and times.

 Level 3A Master Level 

Michael offers the Level 3 in two separate parts. Level 3a is the Master Level which is aimed at those practitioners who wish to take their Reiki journey to its ultimate conclusion with the final attunement, taking their vibrational rate to its highest level, and with it comes the fourth and final symbol the Dai Ko Myo the symbol of enlightenment, which replaces the previous three symbols. You will need to discuss with Michael your own journey to date how it has impacted on you and your family and life, on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level. Many practitioners will see this as the ultimate achievement, without taking on the added responsibility of teaching. This is a one day course which can be mutually arranged throughout the year regardless of who you trained with for your previous levels. If you are interested in finding out more or have decided that you wish to proceed please call me to arrange an early no obligation meeting to discuss this further.
Level 3a Master Level £250

Level 3b Master Teacher

Level 3b Master Teacher level.  At the Master Teacher level the student will need to prepare themselves to present all the theoretical content from the level one and level two courses to Michael on a one to one basis. In essence this means you should be familiar with all aspects of Reiki and be prepared to answer questions to demonstrate to me that you are both capable and sufficiently knowledgeable to teach Reiki to any student.  This is a two and a half day course. The half day is an evening discussion see below. The Saturday begins with the student giving a structured three to four hour presentation to Michael. Topics you will cover in the presentation are, a full history covering several of the Reiki Masters in Michael's lineage, several theories as to how it works, a full description of each of the four symbols and how each can be used, and drawing each one in the correct manner. 
Demonstrating and discussing the traditional hand positions and how students can and should move on to using their intuition. Discussing what intent is and how students should incorporate this into their treatments. You will also need to present the bodies chakra system with anatomical location and function of each. A list of problems relating to each chakra should be covered. You will also need to discuss what happens during an attunement and the differences between each attunement and what the student should expect and experience. The spiritual aspect needs to be covered in some detail in your presentation and how you will encourage your students to develop this aspect of their development as well as listing several methods which can be used in this process. You will also need to describe the Reiki principles and give examples of how this can fit into a modern lifestyle. You will also need to prepare on paper for a  Reiki level one course with the attunement for students, with aims and objectives or learning outcomes if you prefer for a single student, and multiple students.
Once the student has completed their presentation we will look at Western, traditional Japanese and Buddhist attunements as well as distant attunement and seeking spiritual interventions from ascended Reiki Masters and Guides. After several practices using different attunements Michael will arrange an actual student who wants to become attuned to either level one or two in the afternoon and you will carry out the attunement under Michaels guidance. We will also cover insurance issues, professional associations, teaching methods, consultations, ethics, and teaching qualifications, and regulation. Michael will provide you with stationary, which you can modify to use in your own practice and on courses should you wish for no extra cost. As you can see there is a great deal of preparation required on the part of the student for the weekend and at the end of the two days you will need to have successfully demonstrated your knowledge, skills and ability with the majority of the theoretical content in the course manuals as well as with your teaching skills in order to achieve our schools certificate.
Once you have decided to proceed a three hour meeting with Michael will be arranged either on an evening or on a Saturday morning. An action plan will be mutually agreed to allow the student to fully refresh, revise, and research for their presentation prior to the course commencing. 
Level; Master Teacher £450    £100 Deposit on the evening class and the balance of £350 to be paid on the first day of the course weekend.
If you feel that you are ready to teach Reiki please call or text Michael on 07792 694030 to arrange a no obligation discussion in the first instance

Self Hypnosis Workshop

concentrates on hands-on practice rather than theory.

You will have a chance to go through your study pack for usually a few weeks before the course, and this gives you a good grounding in the basics of Reiki. Imparting a load of information on a live course is a really ineffective way to learn or to teach, so we help you to get to grips with the ‘knowledge’ side of Reiki before you arrive on your day-course.

The downloadable  study pack consists of a comprehensive 170-page PDF eManual, PDF handouts & instructions, and two hours’ worth of MP3 tracks.

If you choose to order a professionally-printed Study Pack as well, you’ll receive a 170-page ‘Shoden’ manual, and two specially-produced audio CDs, one containing 70 minutes of commentary and the other containing guided meditations that you will be introduced to on your course and which you will use subsequently.

Your pre-course reading and listening will focus you on these areas:

  • What Reiki is and where it comes from (the History, Background and Development)
  • What Reiki’s founder taught and how we can follow the original system in the modern world
  • The Reiki ‘precepts’, mindfulness, and the use of empowerments
  • How to benefit from daily energy exercises and self-treatments
  • How to use Reiki on other people                                                
 Course Dates for 2020
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Five Tibetans

Several internal exercises or Nei Dan including the Healing Smile and the Microcosmic Orbit

Om Meditation

Michael can teach any of the above on a one to one/two basis in Blyth, or alternatively we have a weekly Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi class in Cramlington. See below for details. Michael also teaches a Fragrant Qigong class at the Ashington Stroke Club (members on the first Friday of the month. If you wish to attend this group you will need to join the Ashington Stroke Club first. The cost of the class comes out of monthly membership fees. If you are interested please contact me and ill forward you the details.

Salvation Army. Chirnside, Collingwood Grange. Cramlington NE236LQ

Every Thursday from 6pm to 7pm. Please check with Michael before coming to ensure the class is on. Existing members have access to our face book page with any advance cancellations. First session free, then £4 per visit / session. Car park at the side of the building with disabled toilets and wheel chair access.

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Michael Fothergills Academy Qigong

Please note all of the above Therapies and Qigongs are not a replacement for any of the treatments prescribed by your medical doctor. Also certain conditions such as recent heart attacks, strokes, cancer, surgery, pacemakers and pregnancy may restrict or prevent certain therapies and Qigongs. Michael will carry out a full consultation to ensure it is safe for you to have any of the above. If you are taking any prescription medications the same may apply also.


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