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Crystal Therapy

Crystal healing is undoubtedly one of my favourite therapies. It feels absolutely great, creating a deep level of calm and relaxation, not just in the mind but the whole body. It is a holistic vibrational therapy that works to restore our energy balance  in our chakras, before being unleashed throughout  our 'whole' body and mind. When you handle and work with these ancient stones you realise how special and relevant they are as a healing tool. This ancient therapy harnesses the healing power of individual crystals such as clear quartz or amethyst, which vibrate at certain frequencies to match that of our bodies energy system, namely the chakras. Once they are placed over the chakras they will assist the bodies energy system to  become 'rebalanced'. Crystal therapy not only feels great to receive, but will help to significantly lower your stress levels, with a huge, built in feel good factor. It works on our physical body, emotional , mental and spiritual bodies in addition to the mind.
The Treatment
After a consultation crystals are selected and placed over the Nine chakras of our body. Other than jackets, coats and shoes it is not necessary to remove any other clothing. Once each crystals are positioned, the chakras are checked for their state of balance. Then each chakra is cleansed working from the earth star up to the soul star. This is followed by charging, then leaving the crystals to do there healing. Finally all the chakras are aligned and the client is left for a few minutes before being offered a drink of water. Treatment time is approximately 1 hour.

The cost for each session is £30 or if you book more 3 sessions in advance £25 each or £20 if you book 5 in advance.
If you prefer, I can arrange a home visit for £35 and again for booking 3 sessions it is £30 each or £25 for booking 5 sessions
Gift vouchers are available to buy for this therapy.

I have never experienced anything like it before, and I have had reflexology and aromatherapy regularly for two years and as good as they were not a patch on crystal healing. I felt so much better that evening, but the following day, my abdominal bloating disappeared. My brain felt like it had been vacuumed and all the stress taken away. thank you so much. A.P  Jesmond, Newcastle

If your interested in how crystals work at a scientific level click here

You can enhance the effects of your Crystal Therapy further by adding

a Reiki treatment or a Gong Bath for only £5 extra.

Gong Baths

Everything that exists in the universe is constantly vibrating, right down to the very building blocks of our human bodies, our cells. Sound healing works by using the frequencies of vibrations that heal. Gongs vibrate at the same frequency, or ‘resonance’, as the body’s cells. This puts the body in the best state to heal itself.
As we are 80% water, our bodies make brilliant conductors of sound. When you experience a gong bath, your brain waves can change from Beta (awake) to Theta (deep relaxation) through to Delta (profound healing and calm)A gong bath is an ancient type of sound therapy that’s been practiced for thousands of years. In fact it’s one of the oldest instruments to be used on Earth.
As from January 2020 Michael is providing Crystal Reiki Sound Baths. These are essentially a Sound Gong Bath fused with Reiki energy and using quartz crystal generators. As the gong is played everyone in the room is completely bathed not only in sound waves, but the healing power of Reiki, no water is used and the sound enters us not only through the ears, but through whole body as does the Reiki and whether we are consciously listening to the gong or not. The sound vibrations massage and stimulate us both inside and out. It is so special making it a totally immersive mind and body experience.
Michael plays the gong with a variety of mallets, in a variety of ways to create therapeutic sound waves using an intuitive unstructured approach which creates a unique pallet of sound sensations, that will transport you to another dimension, unblock your energy and vibrate your body into a state of wellbeing, harmony and total calm.To maintain the therapeutic effect and help produce an altered state of conciseness where the brain waves slow down the gong sound is changed frequently which also avoids producing a fixed, monotonous rhythm. The auditory stimuli of the gong allows for entrainment to occur where modified brainwave frequencies slow the brain right down. Which makes a gong bath just perfect, there’s nothing you can do but focus on the sound, and the vibrations do the rest.
These sessions are no ordinary Gong Baths. They are supercharged healing sessions, forming a triune of healing modalities not normally experienced together. Each person will receive Reiki Healing and Crystal Therapy. Prior to the event Michael spends several hours channelling Reiki energy into the Gong, in a similar way to a battery, and into over twenty Quartz Crystal Generators. They are all programmed with coherent Intent to release the Reiki energy into the attendees on the day and time of the scheduled Gong Bath. The Quartz Crystal Generators also release their charged healing Reiki energy into each attendee through their hands (each attendee is given  two crystals to hold during the session) but also as the crystals are also vibrational tools in the same way that the Gong is they will amplify the power, and effectiveness of the healing vibrations entering the body.
What does it feel like? With these three energies and therapies blended and  intertwined together the result is Pure relaxation, coupled to a total release of stress, and giving your head a welcome release from its usual hectic pace, and placing you in a beautiful space to be in and a healing experience which is different for everyone, and even different each time.
Once you are comfortable and snug either sitting in a chair or lying on the floor with blankets and pillows and an optional bolster under your knees to help support your spine, Michael will start by asking you to close your eyes and take several deep breaths based on abdominal breathing as used in Chi Kung to help ground and centre yourself. Then he will begin playing, softly at first, and bcause you’re focusing on the sound it will start to slow your brain waves from your current waking Beta level of 38 Hz to 12 Hz down to 12 Hz to 8 Hz, taking you into the alpha state, this is associated with creativity and feelings of relaxation, in this state people often experience daydreams. It is often described as the super learning state. Many will go deeper into the theta state where the brainwaves slow further to between 7 Hz and 4 Hz. These brainwave are associated with deep levels of meditation, hypnosis, dreaming sleep (REM sleep) and visions, which may lead to moments of insight, and may even produce a heightened state of consciousness.
Finally there’s the slowest levels of brainwave activity, accompanied with the deepest levels of calm, relaxation and rest you can achieve. Delta brainwaves slow the brain to between 4 Hz and 0.45 Hz and this is associated with very deep levels of sleep. Here the body and mind will benefit the most from these profound levels of calm and rest and at the end of the experience you’ll awake feeling thoroughly refreshed (so don’t be afraid of falling asleep.
Sound waves are, of course, vibrations and therefore act like a touchless massage as they move through the body awake or asleep.- it’s just the mind and body achieving incredibly deep relaxation!) also the body begins repairing itself at this level.As the tantalizing, sizzling tones of the gong have ended, comes silence. An important part of the experience is feeling the resonance of the vibrations once the sound bath has ended. Gradually our brain waves will begin to increase as we regain more and more consciousness, and our senses slowly come back on line.
You will probably reflect at this stage as to what has just happened to you! You may recall your body twitching as your chakras (energy centres) and meridians (energy channels) began clearing. You may have seen fantastic colours or futuristic scenes, had sudden insights or perhaps solved a problem or even received a creative idea, right out of the blue. For some the whole experience can be a little intense. Some people have out-of-body experiences or feel connected to everyone in the room. Perhaps you felt so relaxed and calm you just drifted off cocooned in the warmth of your energy and blankets. Some won’t remember anything at all in which case don’t worry, you haven’t missed out with the healing and all the other benefits you have read about. Whatever happened, and whatever you remember is normal. Everyone’s experience is both unique and different.
Please feel free to share your experiences, and read other people’s experiences on our Facebook page.Remember while it may be fantastic to have experienced something unique and eventful the vibrations that have permutated throughout your body are still busy doing their magic. Finally over the coming days there will be a release of toxins from your body which is perfectly natural and normal, but to help eliminate the risk of any facial skin eruptions (the skin is an organ of elimination) and to maximise your benefits drinking plenty of water daily will help greatly, refraining from drinking alcohol which is a toxin will help also. You will have the opportunity to fully awaken before returning home.
Gong baths are ancient tools with modern uses to bring body and mind back into balance, combating depression, confusion and low energy so we can feel more fully alive and enjoy life to the full.Making space in your life for gongs, will make space in your life for you.
Gong Baths are safe and can benefit the mind and body in numerous ways. However as a precaution Gong Baths are not recommended for Pregnant woman, someone with a pacemaker or other eclectic equipment or anyone with Epilepsy or a Series Mental Health Condition.

For full details of my Crystal Reiki Sound Gong Bath click on the link below to Eventbrite where you will find full details and tickets
.      Please click on my Facebook page for Michael's Gong Baths
Michael has a regular Gong Bath at Seaton Sluice Community Centre on the last Saturday of each month at 10.15am, doors open at 9.45am. Tickets are available to buy from £6 on the door at 9.45am on the day of the event (subject to availability) or on our Facebook page at FOTHERGILL THERAPIES , or from our event organiser Eventbrite's web site for £6 plus their admin fee.
Michael also has a private Gong Bath at his home for 2 people who can share the experience and the cost which is £25  I have a flats couch, and a reflexology chair with foot rest. Blankets and pillows are available. These informal friendly sessions once per month will begin on Friday 17th January at my house in Chase Farm, Blyth. Please call or text Michael to reserve your place at;   you will need to reserve your place on Facebook at FOTHERGILL THERAPIES

Private Gong Bath for Associations, Clubs, Friends etc is £90. Please contact Michael for further details Please note pubs and private parties where alcohol is being sold and drunk are not suitable for a Gong Bath.

The Technical Stuff
Studies have found that meditation lowers blood pressure as well as the heart rate. Feelings of anger and anxiety can be eased. Entering into a meditative state by slowing the brain waves not only affects the gene-regulating machinery in our cells and reduces the activity of genes that cause inflammation, but can also speed up recovery from physical injury and sprains.
Many of the benefits result from hormones that are released or reduced during meditation.Oxytocin, also known as the love hormone, increases our bonding, romantic attachments, and levels of empathy. Therefore, meditation allows you to feel more love and relate better to the people in your life!Meditation can greatly improve your mood, while keeping stress at bay, endorphins can increase your lifespan, relax you, improve your health, and achieve restful sleep. Meditation affects our lives by improving our overall outlook on life.Cortisol is a steroid hormone that is produced in the two adrenal glands located on top of each kidney.
When the body becomes stressed, it produces Cortisol and adrenaline. These two hormones are beneficial in small doses, but when people are routinely stressed, they produce too much Cortisol which is a major age-accelerating hormone, so the less Cortisol, the better.Meditation releases those "feel good" hormones like serotonin and oxytocin. Serotonin is responsible for maintaining our mood balance and is commonly used in many of the antidepressants available. But our bodies actually manufacture this hormone on their own when we meditate.DHEA is a hormone that increases lifespan. Scientists call it the “Longevity Molecule” because DHEA levels are directly related to time left to live. DHEA is also produced in the adrenal glands. It is made naturally in the body,
DHEA leads to the production of androgens and Estrogens (male and female hormones). It helps slow aging, improve thinking skills in older people, and increase muscle mass, strength, and energy levels. DHEA, is also produced by your adrenal glands, and is a precursor, or source ingredient, to virtually every hormone your body needs. DHEA level is a key determinant of physiological age and resistance to disease. When levels are low, you're more susceptible to aging and disease; when they're high, the body is at its peak—vibrant, healthy, and able to fight disease successfully. DHEA acts as a buffer against stress-related hormones (such as cortisol), which is why as you get older and make less DHEA you become more susceptible to stress and disease.
At the slower Alpha and Theta brainwave patterns, production of DHEA and melatonin increases significantly. One study noted an increase in DHEA of as much as 44%.while some even had DHEA increases of up to 90%. Melatonin increases were even more astounding, with average increases of 98% recorded. Many participants even had increases of up to 300%.Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland and helps to create restful sleep. The inability to sleep soundly can dramatically decrease the quality of your life and greatly speed up the aging process. The production of this important hormone rapidly declines with age. Melatonin is also a powerful antioxidant. These and other hormones can be safely increased through meditation or attending a Gong Bath.Gong baths are a powerful way to shift poor energy into great energy.
Shifting from surviving to thriving and from suffering to enjoying. But you don’t have to be in poor health or feeling terrible to enjoy a gong bath. Many people who are healthy and feeling fine will benefit also. Each of us are prone to attracting stress, some of us exercise regularly to keep stress levels at bay, and practices such as chi kung or yoga will help maintain our energy levels at an optimal level, thus helping to ensure good health and wellbeing are maintained. A gong bath can achieve all of these elements and elevate your being into a super charged state of peace and wellbeing to bring even more harmony and good health into your life.


Michael Fothergill Gong Practioner
Michael trained as a Hypnotherapist with the Institute of Hypnosis and Parapsychology in 1989 and during his course studied the effect of sounds on the mind and body. Tibetan singing bowls, Gongs, music, metronomes, chanting and sound meditations were covered extensively in the course providing him with a good theoretical knowledge of sound healing. A marked similarity exists between hypnosis and gong playing in that an altered state of consciousness is achieved, and In both cases the brain waves slow down taking the person initially into the ‘alpha’ state, or the super learning state as it is also referred to, then to deeper levels. The only difference is hypnosis relies on suggestion, while gong healing does not.Michael is a fully qualified Chi Kung (Qigong) Teacher and Reiki Master Teacher having spent over 20 years practicing and researching both external and internal practices of using chi or energy. These are not only used for healing, but are extremely spiritual practices also.
Cultivating our energy through specific movements such as Fragrant qigong or Xiang gong were originally channeled to the Buddhist monks from the spirit world, to be used exclusively on helping humans achieve good health happiness and wellbeing in this world. Michael has qualifications in several theraoies including crystal healing which is another vibrational therapy, Reflexology and Indian head massage. He has a qualification in Parapsychology and over the years has attended courses and workshops on psychic development. Together he has merged and blended his extensive knowledge of sound therapy, meditation, psychic development, hypnosis, chi kung, crystals, spiritual development and reiki together to enable him to connect to the universal energy, as a result of this he now plays the gong in an intuitive (guided) mostly unstructured manner, also using where appropriate a Tibetan singing bowl, crystals and bells at his Gong Baths.


Hypnotherapy can be used to help with specific conditions of the mind, including tension and stress, anxieties and unwanted addictions such as smoking and nail biting. Hypnosis can also help with boosting self confidence, being more positive, letting go of negative aspects such as guilt, and  anger. Provided the person is committed and willing to make a change then hypnosis can be very effective in helping to bring about the required outcome. It works by harnessing the power of the sub-conscious mind. Michael has practiced hypnosis for almost 25 years and in that time helped hundreds of clients make positive changes to their lives. Some conditions can respond well to a single session where others may need several sessions to see a change. Sessions are recorded for the client to play at home -should they need to- which re-enforces the effectiveness of the suggestions provided.
Michael also provides past life regression for those who are interested in this aspect, whether it be for a specific condition or research purposes but in either case careful thought is required as to the consequences of suddenly finding we had previous lives, together with all that goes with them such as previous relationships, traumas, conflicts etc and for this reason Michael will discuss the pros and cons prior to any sessions being carried out without any obligation on your part.
Michael can also tech you how to hypnotise yourself, then using affirmations and visual positive imagery to help you with confidence building, self esteem, being more positive and  less stressful and more relaxed. Hypnosis is nothing new, in fact it is thousand of years old. If you would like to discuss hypnosis and hypnotherapy and how it could help you in more detail please call me for a no obligation early consultation. Charges for Hypnosis are;
Initial consultation Free up to 45 minutes
Hypnosis £30 per session
Regression £30 per session
Visits to your Home £5 extra

I had smoked since I was 16 and at 55 decided to stop. I was smoking twenty per day and I knew I needed help. Michael came to my house and discussed how it worked and what he would do and it worked. I have never had another cigarette since, and that was 16 years ago. Thank you Michael  AC  West Denton Newcastle Upon Tyne

Indian Head massage is one of the most versatile therapies available and still one f the most popular. It is also one of my favourite therapies. Apart from the head being used we also work on the neck, shoulders, upper back and face. It can be given on a dinning type chair or on a flat bed massage couch. Oils or massage cream can be used or not depending on personal choice. And finally the massage can be done in either 30 minutes or an hour on an upright chair, or the full one hour on the couch. On the couch it is as good as a body massage and there are plenty of benefits to go with this therapy whichever option you go for. Minor aches and pains can be helped, headaches, tension in the mind, tension in the shoulders, neck or back can be helped as well as helping to improve the blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, soothing the nerves, lowering and normalising the blood pressure, promoting a deep and lasting level of calm and relaxation. And when coupled with the traditional chakras balancing that accompanies this, the rebalancing of our bodies energy system and all the benefits that goes with that.
Charges for Indian Head massage are; £30 per session at my home or if I come to your home £35  Save Money by booking more sessions and save up to £50. Book 3 sessions and save £5 per session or book 5 sessions and save £10 per session. Sessions must be used within 3 months for the 3 sessions or 5 months for the 5 sessions
Gift Vouchers are available for this therapy

Better than a Gin and Tonic  CM Bedlington Northumberland

Please see the testimonial below for Reiki which is also applicable as this client had  both therapies and found them both very helpful for his back condition for On-Site massage


Reflexology is another ancient therapy going back almost 5000 years ago. It has remained one of the most popular therapies of all time. Michael ins trained in both hand and foot reflexology with the later being the most sought after. One  interesting aspect is that every part of the body can be found on the foot, and by stimulating those areas on the foot it causes a reaction in the corresponding body part and that reaction is one of relaxation. A typical treatment involves going over the whole foot and thus stimulating the whole body using a compression tractor movement or what reflexologists call 'thumb walking'. Another interesting aspect is that if a client had a headache the corresponding part of the foot or hand will feel different or even painful when pressure is exerted on it, making it a very effective diagnostic tool for reflexologists, Clients can choose between an upright reclined chair or flat bed couch for their reflexology which takes approximately one hour to work systematically over both feet.

Charges for Reflexology £30 per one hour session at my home or £35 if I come to your home. Save Money by booking more sessions. Save up to £50 by booking 5 sessions (£10 per session) or save £15 when you book 3 sessions (£5 per session) Sessions must be used within 3 months for 3 sessions or within 5 months for 5 sessions

Click here to watch a short video on Reflexology

Thank you Michael for my free reflexology treatment courtesy of my winning raffle ticket. I am so pleased I bought that ticket. I feel so much better already and can't wait for my next paying treatment with you. DS  North Shields


Reiki is one of the easiest therapies to learn and give. The word Reiki is relatively new compared to the other therapies I practice but the underlying hands on healing goes back thousands of years also. Like crystal therapy it is a very powerful  therapy, especially at the spiritual level. It works by the therapist connecting to the 'universal or spiritual energy' which exists all around us, then channelling that Reiki energy  through the clients energy system or chakras to help balance their bodies. One interesting aspect about Reiki is that both the therapist and the client receive the healing energy together. It works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body as well as the mind. Sometimes a client may want a 'hands on' therapy such as Indian head massage or reflexology but may not be able to have these due to contraindications such as lymphatic cancer. But Reiki has almost no contra indications which means clients with lymphatic cancer or other contraindications can have Reiki treatments knowing it is safe for them. Tension and stress, as well as specific conditions of the body and mind can be helped greatly with Reiki, and it has a real feel good factor. The treatment can be given in an upright reclined chair or on a flat bed couch, and takes one hour to complete. Many clients say after their treatments that they felt a 'real' connection with the creator and that it felt fantastic.

£30 for a one hour session. Save money by booking 3 sessions saving £5 per session Total saved £15
Or book 5 sessions in advance and save £10 per session. Saving £50 in Total.
Sessions must be used within 3 months when booking 3 or within 5 months when you book 5
Gift Vouchers are available for this therapy

Michael came to our house 10 years ago with his upright massage chair and gave me a session of Japanese acupressure massage. Considering I had tried massage previously, been to a chiropractor, a physiotherapist and an osteopath all in one year with chronic back pain I was amazed how much better the acupressure was, the pain was still there but much better than it was.  The following year I had to go into hospital to have heart surgery. Afterwards I had to lye flat on my back without moving for several hours which caused my back to play up terrible. When I got home I immediately telephoned Michael and asked for another treatment on the chair. I  was devastated when he said I would have to wait 3 months because I had had heart surgery, even though the stent was fed up to my heart through my artery in my groin. Michael then said I could have Reiki instead and that would be safe for me, but when he said he wouldn't be massaging me or even touching me I felt it would be a complete waste of his time and my money. After he finished I said something to the effect that I hadn't expected it to work and my back felt no better. However the next morning my back pain had gone completely, I couldn't believe it. I had to phone him and tell him I was so taken back that it had worked. Every now and again ill phone him and say I need a session of that Reiki, then jokingly ill say 'the one that doesn't work'. I still can't understand how it works but it does. You have converted me to the 'rays'         PV Cramlington, Northumberland

Please note this reference to Japanese acupressure massage is also called On-Site massage
which Michael uses for friends and family only

If you are interested in any of my therapies, or would like to find out more you can contact me on my number below 

Michael Fothergill

Text for a free call back on;  07792 694030

Or email me at;

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